Shoe Love

I have always loved shoes. When I was a child I’d teeter around in my mum’s ‘clippy’ shoes. They made me feel like a grown up and I loved the sound they made on the floor. I even remember stuffing my feet into a borrowed pair of red ballet shoes that were far too small for me. I had blisters all over my feet but I forced my sorry-looking feet into them because they were sooo pretty and unlike anything I’d ever seen before.

Then, aged sixteen and armed with money from my first wage,  I went straight to the local shoe boutique and picked up a pair of bright pink snake-skin cowboy boots for £70. Looking back, they were possibly the most hideous boots to walk the earth but at the time they made me feel like an individual, plus I  had a girl-crush on Gwen Stefani and they made me feel a teensy bit like her. I now have a wardrobe crammed full of lovely shoes but I only ever wear about three pairs in total and the rest lie sadly at the bottom of the shelf willing me to take them out again. I’d love to wear my heels everyday but I have flat feet and wearing a heel means lots of pain so I try to avoid it where possible and stick to my trusty french sole ballet pumps. I did however,  brave a heel for my wedding day. For me, a heel makes me walk tall and feel glamorous so I decided that a pair of 2.5 inch heels from the bespoke shoe designer Emmy were the ones for me. Her designs are absolutely to die for. It’s as if she delved into my mind and created the dream shoe I’d always thought about but never been able to realise.

And here they are in all their sparkling ‘Eva’ glory. Image copyright: Emmy 2007.

They were pricey (£425) and it took me a while to decide whether the expense was worth it, but I reasoned with myself that I’d dye them and wear them again. I can report that whilst I haven’t worn them yet, they looked fabulous with my dress and were also very comfortable. I did take them off at the end of the night, but we were Scottish ceilidh dancing and people have a tendency to tread on people’s feet and I wasn’t taking any chances with these babies (ouch!)

Here are some more bridal shoes I liked and almost went for, they’re all beauties!

Rachel Simpson does some lovely shoes! I particularly love these styles especially ‘Mimi’ the t-bar shoes on the far right, look at the colour options! I think they’d be great if you want a pop of colour to co-ordinate with your bouquet or bridesmaids!

From left to right: Flo, Hettie and Mimi. Image sourced from

As a lover of flats I especially recommend French Sole. Their ballet shoes are exceptionally well made. I’ve had mine for around two years and although they could do with replacing soon, I think that’s great for a ballet shoe considering most other shops I’ve bought from fall apart within a few months. You could go classic with an ivory pump and accessorise with a pretty shoe clip (try ebay or etsy for some fab upcycled vintage clips) or try a metallic or glitter pump. There’s so many options and at around £60-90 a pair you could perhaps treat yourself to a couple of pairs!


From left to right: Hester and India. Image Copyright:French Sole 2011.

I almost went for these gorgeous deco inspired mother of pearl peeptoes from Freya Rose.  Their collection is just beautiful- have a look at these.


Look at the mother of pearl heel- what beauts! Image sourced from

Ah, lovely lovely shoes. Are there any shoe designers out there that you love? Is anyone wearing any of these options on their wedding day?

Happy Shopping!

Love Abi xxx

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