Make-up Love.

I am a beauty junkie, I can’t get enough of pretty looking colours in even prettier packaging. As it stands, I currently have a make up bag the size of a house and more lipsticks than I care to count. I’ve always been fascinated by make-up so as soon as I was old enough I spent my pocket-money on a bright purple eyeshadow from Bourgeois and I’d wear it to school (complete with flicky eyeliner) only to get told to take it off again. As the years have gone by, I’ve managed to perfect my look and I can safely say that the experimental purple eyeshadow days are well and truly behind me. These days, I have a signature look which I wear (almost) everyday and the only thing I tend to experiment with is my lipstick. I love to wear a colourful lip with a nude eyeshadow, my favourite at the moment being a really flattering deep coral by MAC named ‘Impassioned’ it really packs a punch, brings out the blue in my eyes and is a nice alternative if you like wearing red but fancy something a little different. I also love flicky black liquid eyeliner, it makes me feel ready for the day ahead. So, the big question in the time leading up to my wedding was how I would have my make up and indeed, if I’d do my own. At first, I was adamant I’d do it myself but, I knew that due to my perfectionist nature, I’d probably be stressed on the morning of my wedding. I also kept having nightmares about going down the aisle with no make up on/panda eyes/lipstick all over my teeth…Arggggh!  Seriously, my wedding nightmares deserve a whole post as some are hilarious! Eventually, it all proved too much so I decided it was time to call in the experts and began researching make up artists on the internet.  My first stop was one of my favourite wedding blogs, Love My Dress  and through that I swiftly discovered Katy at Make Up by Katy . Her website looked great and a few recommendations later, I decided to book her. I’m so thrilled that I did as she was FANTASTIC. She made me look better than I’d even thought was possible and did a better job than I’d ever have been able to do myself. It also stayed all the way through to the night and people commented on how awesome it was and believe me, if you’d seen a ‘before and after’ photograph, you’d know that it was all down Katy’s skill! Now, having a make up artist was the right decision for me, but if you’ve decided that you definitely want to do your own wedding make up, then to help along, I’ve compiled a few tips for being the most radiant bride possible…

  • Invest in some good quality make up and tools. I do have a penchant for designer brands such as Bobbi Brown,  Laura Mercier, NARS, MAC and Chanel but some high street products are great too, so you don’t have to spend an absolute fortune. My make up artist introduced me to UNE a brand readily available on the high street and I really like it, in particular their cream blush in N02. It’s got a beautiful texture and is reasonably priced at £6.99! I also really like Bourgeois for their ‘Little Round Pot’ eyeshadows and ‘Healthy Mix’ concealer. However, make up is a personal thing and realistically, the only way to discover what’s best is to try out the product, ideally at home as lighting in department stores is too harsh and in my experience you can often go away with a product only discover that it’s a shade too dark. I hate buying an expensive piece of make up only for it to sit in the bottom of a make-up bag unused and unloved! To combat this, most high-end beauty counters do samples but as I often find, they’ve run out of sample pots, so to be sure you’re able to try the product properly, buy some travel stacking pots from Boots or Superdrug and ask the assistant to fill that up. Then, after you’ve carefully selected and purchased  your favourite products, I recommend you apply your make up with some good quality brushes as it makes a difference to the staying power of the make-up. Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, MAC and The Body Shop do some lovely brushes. I’ve even heard of people going to art shops and using paint brushes, just make sure they’re of a good quality! The main thing to bear in mind is not to use the tiny applicators you get in your compact. They’re rubbish and you would be better off using your fingers to blend.
  •  Take up hot cloth cleansing. I first picked up this tip from The Guardian’s beauty writer, Sali Hughes.  She really knows her stuff and I personally found that for my ridiculously sensitive skin, hot cloth cleansing is amazing and it really made a difference to my skins ‘glowy-ness’. It’s also so much better for your skin than using a quick disposable face-wipe and as Sali points out ditching the face wipes is a hell of a lot more  environmentally friendly too. I don’t use muslin cloths, a la Liz Earle as I find them too harsh and scratchy on my skin,  so I bulk buy plain face towels,  soak in hot water and use my own cleanser  ( I use Avene which is just brill for very sensitive skin) For Sali’s brilliant tutorial on how to hot cloth cleanse watch this-
  •  This may be controversial but I decided to give my face a make up detox at least two weeks before the big day. I have very sensitive skin and find that it benefits from not wearing any slap, so I decided to elongate the no make-up day to a no make-up fortnight! It was tough as I normally wear my war paint on a daily basis, but apart from one night towards the end when I cracked, I stuck out the experiment  and I found that it worked. My skin was really nice on the wedding day. If you’re not crazy like me and don’t want to do the no make-up challenge, then try wearing a little less or maybe have a make up free weekend and I think you may see a difference.
  • Practise, practise and practise! Take some time out to apply your chosen wedding make up look and enjoy it! If you’re not incredibly confident, draft in a friend who enjoys it or go for a make up lesson with a make up artist as this can be slightly cheaper than having one on call for your wedding day. Look for ones who specialise in wedding make up as they’ll be more likely to understand how the make up works in photographs.
  • Unless you really, really like a trendy make up look, try not to go for the most current look. Remember blue eyeshadow in the eighties? Yep.
  • I know this has been said a million times but DRINK WATER.  A LOT OF WATER! My goodness, it works and I really saw a difference after finally following this advice ( I need to get back onto it now though!)

Now, I hope there’s a few useful tips in there! Does anyone else have any pre-wedding beauty tips or advice for anyone wanting to do their own make up, or is there any other brides who want to shout from the roof-tops as to how awesome their make up artist is?

Abi xxx

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