Moving on: A New Chapter

It’s official! My husband Adam and I are moving out of our Battersea houseshare so that we can be a grown-up married couple and live on our own. I’ve throughly enjoyed living in the flat we’re in now as our housemates are possibly (as they say in the Carlsberg ad) the best housemates in the world and they will be missed. However, I’ve always been a ‘nester’ with a penchant for interior design and an eye for *cough* expensive furniture, so I’m looking forward to our new venture with gusto. We’ve had some lovely generous presents from our John Lewis wedding gift list which was great for us. We really don’t own any essentials and as a bonus, we got to play shop walking around the store with a scanner bleeping things, plus we’ll have some lovely things to accessorise our new home and to remember the wedding with! People can tell I’m excited about moving, mainly because I’ve been worryingly enthusiastic about the Farrow and Ball  paint website and various wall paper designers such as Nina Campbell who does some beautiful prints. For furniture and home accessories, I’m in love with Graham and Green, they are fantastic, everything is so stylish!  I’m also a little obsessed with Cox and Cox and perhaps most worryingly, Lakeland Limited who are not so stylish but their products are so practical and hard-wearing, I mean you can’t go wrong with a handy kitchen utensil! Since I’m onto the practical side of things,  I even got excited about an offer on a steam mop on Groupon the other day…It can do everything, folks check them out, I’m sold! Well, you can take the girl out of the North and all that.   Unfortunately, I’m still a bit penniless after the wedding, so I’m not sure I’ll be buying everything, but one can dream.

And here’s a few of those dreams right here for your eyes to behold


Graham and Green Black and Bone Flower and Parrot Mirror £225

Graham and Green Raspberry and Mother of Pearl Bedside Cabinet £375


Nina Osbourne ‘Swan’ wallpaper and fabric. I can’t get enough of this, perhaps a bit too girly for Adam though…


Hmmmm, I think it will be a while before I can convince Adam about those swans. I do love a challenge though!

New flat here we come! I better get packing then :/

Abi xxx


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