Bridal Radiance- A Review of YSL Touche Eclat Foundation.

If you’re doing your own bridal make-up then you’ll need some great products, and I was really excited to hear that YSL were launching a foundation version of their famous Touche Eclat under-eye illuminator  pen.

Many women (and a few gentlemen!) love this wonder product and the illuminating effect it has on dark circles and fine lines. So, the claim is that what the pen does for under-eyes, the foundation does for your WHOLE face. So, with that in mind, I marched down to my local House of Fraser and managed to get myself a sample of this foundation. I’ll tell you right now that I’ll definitely be purchasing the full sized bottle, I really like it! It comes in 22 shades broken into three catergories Beige Dore, Beige and Beige Rose, so it caters for the palest of skin tones (e.g. moi) to the darkest, so no-one is left out.

I went for shade BR10, the palest shade in the Beige Rose family. ‘Beige Rose’ having a pinkier tone to the shade. I really loved the texture of the foundation, it’s very light and silky with a pleasant fresh cucumber scent (sensitive skins- don’t be alarmed at the fragrance aspect, my skin is extremely sensitive and didn’t react, although I was worried about this when I first put it on).

The coverage is light to medium which is great for me, although if you want slightly more coverage, it’s buildable, enabling you to apply more product to problem areas. It leaves a subtle glow to the skin, and left me looking fresh and rested and pretty flawless, even considering I had a few pimples around the nose area when I tested. It also lasted well, a very important part of bridal make-up, although I’d suggest a finishing powder on top.

Overall, I think that it’s a great product for  brides who want to look radiant and flawless on the day (er, who doesn’t!). At £28, it’s in the higher price range foundation wise, but I always think it’s good to invest in a quality base and plus, it’s nice to have a little bit of luxury on your w-day.

My Wedding Featured on Love my Dress blog & Claire Pettibone’s blog!

I’m a few weeks late as I’ve moved into a flat and had no internet, but I wanted to share with you that my wedding was featured on Love my Dress (one of my favourite wedding blogs) and then a few days later on Claire Pettibone’s (my dress designer) blog. I was so excited it was unreal, especially when people were commenting on the wedding and saying such nice things. It felt very satisfying to see other people (who I don’t know) appreciating the wedding and all the hard work I’d put into styling it. It’s also given me a bit of confidence to really try and go for it with changing my career from an actress to a wedding planner/stylist. I’ve applied for a few internships to get a bit of experience (no luck yet, but gotta keep trying) and I’m hoping to do a starter course but I think it’s going to be a challenge! The wedding industry seems to me to be very competitive so I’m going to have to put my actor-head on and really push myself! I especially need to keep positive about it and keep being inspired and motivated any advice would be appreciated, or if you’re looking to set up a small business or have just done so, please share your experiences!


Here’s the links to the blogs with the features

Love My Dress & Claire Pettibone 


Bridesmaid Styling

Deciding your bridesmaid’s outfits can be a difficult task, especially if you’re indecisive like me. As you can imagine, I spent hours deciding on the style I’d like the girls in, only to change my mind as soon as I’d settled on a colour and a dress.  During the early stages of planning, I spotted a dress I loved in a 1920’s flapper style, beautifully beaded and in a classic navy from Biba. It was out of stock, but that was not going to stop me, so I hunted four of them down which meant a lot of phone calls to House of Fraser and many hours spent on Ebay. I finally got all the sizes I needed, but one didn’t fit. This meant I had to go back to the drawing board as the chances of finding another in the right size were slim! Cue more searching and in the end I decided to go with dresses from a new company called ‘Maids to Measure’. They make the dresses to your ‘maids exact measurements and  have a range of designs and colours to choose from which you can tweak as much as you like.

They were absolutely brilliant and provided a really quick turn around as by the time I’d sorted out the  Biba dresses and  realised they weren’t going to work, it was the end of January and the wedding was at the end of March (eeeek.) I then  swiftly made an appointment with Maids to Measure, and went to look at the dresses myself. After trying a few on and generally oohing and ahhing and wishing I could afford to buy one of my very own, I got all the measurements I needed from the girls ( we live all over the place so as we were running out of time there was no option to get them all at one appointment) and within a couple of weeks all the dresses were sent out. Only one of them had to be tweaked which was done in record time too. The girls at Maids to Measure were so lovely, helpful and super efficient and we couldn’t have been more pleased with the final result.

I went for the ‘Long Georgina’ dress in a dusky grape colour as I’d finally decided that the colour scheme would be purples and blues.

Myself and the ‘maids. From left Clare, Kerry, Me, Carolyn and Joanna.
Copyright: AnnaMarie Stepney

For me, the bridesmaids dress evoked a ‘bygone’ old hollywood style, they were floaty and ethereal whilst also being glamourous.  We didn’t think about the fact we had a ceilidh in the evening though! Trying to dance and jig  in a long gown without tripping up is impossible. I just didn’t think (and I’d thought of EVERYTHING else to do with the wedding, so slap hands for me) I also found it hard to dance in my dress, but there were still so many people to talk to and everyone else was enjoying the ceilidh so it didn’t matter! Plus we all looked smashing don’t you think!?