My Wedding Featured on Love my Dress blog & Claire Pettibone’s blog!

I’m a few weeks late as I’ve moved into a flat and had no internet, but I wanted to share with you that my wedding was featured on Love my Dress (one of my favourite wedding blogs) and then a few days later on Claire Pettibone’s (my dress designer) blog. I was so excited it was unreal, especially when people were commenting on the wedding and saying such nice things. It felt very satisfying to see other people (who I don’t know) appreciating the wedding and all the hard work I’d put into styling it. It’s also given me a bit of confidence to really try and go for it with changing my career from an actress to a wedding planner/stylist. I’ve applied for a few internships to get a bit of experience (no luck yet, but gotta keep trying) and I’m hoping to do a starter course but I think it’s going to be a challenge! The wedding industry seems to me to be very competitive so I’m going to have to put my actor-head on and really push myself! I especially need to keep positive about it and keep being inspired and motivated any advice would be appreciated, or if you’re looking to set up a small business or have just done so, please share your experiences!


Here’s the links to the blogs with the features

Love My Dress & Claire Pettibone 


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