Cowshed Spa Carnaby- A Review

After frequently walking past the Cowshed Soho spa just off London’s Carnaby street and pressing my nose up against the window whilst staring longingly at the luxurious massage/mani-pedi chairs, I decided to firstly get my legs and bikini line waxed there. After having my hair follicles ripped from the root with a lovely smelling wax by a very good therapist with nice hair, I came out of the spa feeling very surprised indeed.  I’d found that my  usual excruciating experience had, in fact been fairly…. pleasant. (Yes, who knew that pleasant and bikini wax would ever be mentioned together?)

Shop front of Cowshed Soho. Image (who also reviews a different treatment at the same spa.)

So, after my delightful waxing experience, the Cowshed spa was on the top of my list for some pre w-day pampering. I would have gone crazy and had the full pampering works, a facial, mani, pedi, etc etc…but as our wedding budget was already over the limit and my purse literally shed tears every time I opened it, I decided to *just* have a manicure the day before the wedding. Although, this was no ordinary manicure…this was the ‘Ultimate Cowshed Manicure’ in which not only would my knarly hands come out looking like that of a Goddess, I’d also get a head massage to sooth away those wedding nerves. Well, before you could say ‘jam jar collection’ I’d booked it and made  asked my bridesmaids to come along with me to join in the fun.

When we arrived at the spa, a lovely space with treatment rooms downstairs and a mani/pedi area and shop upstairs, we were asked to wait at the large rustic table in the centre of the shop in which you can enjoy tea and cake surrounded by lovely smells and walls of gorgeous Cowshed products. After a very short wait, we were led to the famous luxurious white chairs at the back of the salon.

The Cowshed Chairs I was so enamoured with. This is actually a photograph from the Babington House Cowshed Spa,slightly different to the chairs at Carnaby, but you get the picture! Image credit

My first impressions were very good, my therapist introduced herself to me, we picked out the colour I wanted on my nails (Red) and then she laid a lovely fluffy pillow and then a fluffy towel over that and began to work. This instantly made me feel like I was having a luxurious treatment and was a welcome change to sitting in an uncomfortable chair whilst having a mani. My therapist was very thorough, checking with me as to how I’d like my nails filed (squoval-this made my bmaids laugh) and then checking with me again once she’d filed them. She was also very gentle which was good as it can sometimes really hurt when having your cuticles trimmed and pushed about.  She wasn’t chatty but I like that, it makes me uncomfortable making small-talk with therapists especially when having treatments. My hands were then exfoliated, massaged and wrapped in a hydrating warm mask.

The products she used (Cowshed’s own) smelt divine and at this point, I was very relaxed and safe in the knowledge my hands were going to look great. She then started my scalp massage whilst the mask on my hands was working. The massage was lovely, very firm and relaxing, I was worried about oil in my hair afterwards but there wasn’t any residue so if you’re planning on going somewhere afterwards, you wouldn’t have to worry about major bed-head. She then set to work on my nails and painted them the beautiful pillar-box red I’d picked out. My nails looked fantastic and I was very pleased and reluctant to leave the chair I was so comfy. However, all good things must come to an end and after five minutes of waiting in the chair as drying time we had to leave. My BM’s had the speedy manicure which was half an hour but still very thorough, just no massage. They were both pleased and had lovely lilac nails to match their dresses!

Overall, I’d highly recommend the Cowshed Spa Soho, Carnaby for either a pre-wedding treat or just for some ‘me-time’. I’ve got my eyes on the ‘Cow Groom’ in which ‘two therapists work in synchronised movements to ensure complete pampering and relxation’. Sounds good to me!

Have you ever been to a Cowshed Spa? What do you think about their products?

*The Ultimate Cowshed Manicure cost me £50 and lasts for 60 minutes. The Speedy Manicure is £28 and lasts for 30 minutes. I got my manicure done in March 2012.

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