Recommended: MUA Make-Up

If you’ve read this blog before, you’ll know that I’m a beauty junkie. I really enjoy trying new products and I’m a sucker for pretty packaging. I like expensive stuff, but the cheaper products can sometimes come out on top too and this is certainly the case for the brand MUA (Make up Academy). After reading rave reviews of their make-up on various beauty blogs and then finding out that most of their products retail at just one pound, I was chomping at the bit to trial them. I ordered online and received a package a couple of days later. I’d ordered three eye shadow palettes, ‘Undressed’, ‘Heaven and Earth’ and ‘Innocence ‘ all featuring very pretty neutrals  which I love to wear, an eye make-up primer and a lipstick in a coral shade named ‘juicy’. With a 25% off offer I came across, my swag came to the princely sum of £10.50 which as you can guess, I was delighted by, and the products do not disappoint.

MUA Undressed Palette. Image credit


Although the packaging is on the cheaper slightly flimsy side, I’m still in love with the eye shadows, I love the ‘Undressed’ palette in particular which is rumoured amongst beauty bloggers to be a ‘dupe’ (basically, in beauty terms, a dupe generally means a very good copy of the colours) for Urban Decay’s Naked Palette which retails at £36. The ‘Undressed’ palette on the other hand can be snapped up for £4 and the quality is amazing. I’ve been using the matte beige shade (which I think is very similar to one of my favourite neutral shadows by Laura Mercier in Sandstone) all over my eyelid for a nice ‘wide awake’ classic look and layered over  the £2 MUA eye primer (which has also been compared to the much raved about Urban Decay Primer Potion) it stays ALL DAY and into the night. It’s actually a challenge to remove in the evening! I’ve also tried the eye shadow without the primer and I can vouch for its staying power, the only slight difference is that the colour fades ever so slightly. I’ve used many eye shadows, pricy and cheap and as I have large and sometimes oily lids, they always crease so I’m thoroughly impressed and I’m chuffed to bits that I’ve discovered this eye primer. I now don’t have to worry about topping up my eye make up during the day, and the fact it’s an absolute bargain makes the discovery even sweeter. I did mention the lipstick as well which sigh isn’t as impressive as the eye make up but it’s still quite a sweet coral shade scented with coconut, but as it’s very sheer, perhaps better suited to a younger audience.
Would I recommend for Brides? Yes, yes and yes to the eye shadows and the primer. They’re cheap but the quality is anything but and as already mentioned, they’re often likened to brands which are a lot more expensive. With the price being so reasonable, you could pick up a few (sold exclusively at Superdrug or online) and practise your wedding day look to your hearts content! The lipstick is fun, but if you’re looking for staying power, I’d recommend MAC lipsticks all the way!

*All the MUA make-up was bought and trialled by me. ‘Heaven & Earth’ and ‘Undressed’ palettes are £4 each, Innocence palette £3, Eye Primer £2 and Juicy Lipstick is £1.

Have you tried MUA make-up?

3 thoughts on “Recommended: MUA Make-Up

  1. I’ve the Heaven & Earth palette and I love it!! I have a lot of MUa’s lipsticks as well, some of them are really good actually but not all of them! Like u said if your looking for a lipstick that will stay, MAC is the way to go!

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