Dream.Find.Do. Win a place on the blogging masterclass in Manchester.

As a new blogger with very limited technical abilities and up until recently an aversion to twitter, I’ve been really excited by a new blog on the block called Dream.Find.Do, dedicated to helping take inexperienced bloggers to the next level. Best of all, it’s been set up by two of my favourite bloggers Rebecca from Florence Finds and Michelle from Pocketful of Dreams. So, when I heard they were doing a blogging masterclass in Manchester, I was very excited. However, it’s fairly pricy and as I’ve attended both the Rock n Roll bride school of rock and a course with the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners this month, I decided that I’d wait for the next Dream.Find. Do. workshop to come around when I was able to afford it.  But, this morning a competition was announced on their blog to win a place at the workshop. I’ve very excitedly entered and if you’re a new blogger I’d encourage you to do so too. You can expect to learn all the practical skills you need in order to blog efficiently! Click here to find out more!

Good Luck!

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