Beautiful Stop Motion Wedding Films by Bayly & Moore

Whilst I was planning my own wedding,  I came across this amazing stop-motion film of Jenny and Graziano’s Wedding in Italy.  I watched it quite a few times and even ended up in tears as I think it captures the day so beautifully (I’ve just watched it again and had a moment).

I would’ve loved a stop motion film for our wedding, but the film-makers in question Bayly & Moore are based in New Zealand. However,  I did hear that they make trips to Europe occasionally, so if you love this as much as I do, perhaps contact them and find out if they’re visiting any time soon! You can find their website here and their Vimeo site here (which has lots more lovely films to watch!).

I also love this film too, the wedding of Marina and Andy. I’m mad for the bride’s 50’s style and her choice of the bridesmaids outfits. It’s so beautiful and mega-inspirational… feast your eyes people!

Let me know what you think of the films and also if you know of anyone who does this in the UK!

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