Getting ready on the big day

Most brides I’ve read about say that they were absolutely serenly calm on the morning of their wedding, regardless of their brideszilla tendencies whilst planning. But it can still be fairly stressful (I’m looking at myself here and shaking my hindsight head). So here’s a few tips to ease the anxiety of what should be 0ne of the most exciting and glamorous mornings of your life…

  • Wear something comfy, but make sure you’re happy with how it looks as it will show on your ‘getting ready’ photographs. I was all set to treat myself to a lovely dressing gown but as the week of the wedding approached, I realised that I’d run out of money so decided to take my nice (but not particularly glamorous) Cath Kidston robe with me.  I was just too hot in it though, (March heatwave anyone?) and I had to take it off, revealing a polka dot t-shirt I’d bought from Primark years ago and that I only normally wear when I’m auditioning for an acting part that requires me to look younger than I actually am, or when I’m slobbing about.  So, God knows why I decided to pack it the day before the wedding in order to wear it for getting ready. I HONESTLY don’t know why I picked it up when I have so many nice clothes. I had stressed myself out so much that week though, so I think I’d just burnt myself out and couldn’t think straight anymore. Our photographs are excellent though thanks to the amazing Annamarie Stepney, and so after all that, I actually think the t-shirt looks okay but I do wish I had a pretty robe on instead.

Getting ready in that Polka-Dot T-shirt// Image credit Anna-Marie Stepney

  • Take a medicine kit. It came in handy for both me and my bridesmaids after one of them felt pretty ropey with a churny tummy (thank you Imodium) and I was suffering from my usual all-year round hayfever woes.
  • Have some snacks and make sure you eat them. It’s so easy to get carried away with it all so make sure you feed yourself since you probably won’t eat again until a lot later in the day.
  •  Give yourself the right to relax. You’re about to get married to the man of your dreams, the hard work has been done, so relax and let the genius of your pampering team make you look wonderful OR if you’re doing it all yourself, make it a great experience. Put on your favourite music, light a scented candle (if you’re allowed) and get to work making yourself look mega-glam, rather than doing what I did and worrying about what’s happening in the reception room and whether it’s all being laid out the way you’d  planned. I thoroughly recommend Neom candles for an all round relaxing and theraputic experience. Try the ‘Real Luxury’ scent or ‘Happiness’. They smell so gorgeous.
  •  Get an early night the night before, have a bath, watch a film, or have some pampering time with your bridesmaids. You could even get your wedding manicure done or have a relaxing massage with the help of a mobile beauty therapist. I can’t speak for other regions, but in London I’ve heard great things about Blossom and Jasmine who will work until late and have very reasonable prices. On the night before my own wedding, as we all live miles away from each other, mine and my husband’s families actually met for the first time. This was lovely but we all ended up having a very late night and an eventful evening leading to one of the most eventful days of my life was perhaps not majorly helpful, so my advice is organise that family meal for another time unless it’s essential.
  • Take some back up make-up supplies and the same colour of nail polish in case of chipping. A little vial of your perfume can also be handy to pop into a clutch bag. When I bought my perfume (‘Live Life Love’ Oscar De La Renta) they gave me a small sample size at the same time which I used on the day. Either ask if they have any samples at the perfume counter or try ‘Travelo’ a little perfume dispenser especially for travelling. I bought mine from The Perfume Shop.
  •  Take a sewing kit. I didn’t need mine but I’ve heard of many brides who have! You just never know.

    Vintage Sewing Kit via

  •  Enjoy it! I was too stressed and I’m gutted that I didn’t give myself enough time to savour the last hours of being a ‘Miss’. Plus, If all else fails and things don’t go exactly to plan, just go with it and remember that you’re about to get MARRIED !

P.S. I’m not forcing the issue or anything, but I strongly recommend that you buy a pretty dressing gown for getting ready in advance just in case for some odd reason you go and pick out your ‘slobbing about’ t-shirt. I love this rose print kimono from Rosie Huntingdon Whiteley’s lingerie collection from M&S.

Rose print kimono by Rosie Huntingdon Whiteley for M&S £65//Image credit:

I hope this is helpful, if you have any more tips and advice for the morning of the wedding, leave a comment below!
Abi xx


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