Floral Fantasies

Hello! I apologise for not updating the blog for a while, I’ve been busy planning the bridal inspiration shoot I’m organising, as well as working six days a week in my ‘in-between’ acting job as a dresser on ‘We Will Rock You’ in the west end. I was there for almost three months full time, but I’m only going to be working there now and again as of this week, so I’m really pleased to have my evenings back! Now, back to weddings…I’ve been wanting to write a post about my love of flowers for a little while, they are possibly (apart from the dress) my favourite part of a wedding. So much so, I’d been considering doing a floristry course. I am however, incredibly allergic to pollen so that floristry course will either be sponsored by Piriton, or I’ll just have to put together countless mood boards of my favourite blooms. For now, I’ve plumped for the latter and featured some of my favourite floral images for some gorgeous inspiration. I might have included my own wedding flowers in there, but they really did blow me away!

From left: wild flowers on books via realflowers.co.uk; Top right: Ranunculus bouquet via ruffled.co.uk;Bottom right:Rose and Lavender bouquet via realflowers.co.uk

From left: Bright Pink wild flower bouquet via pinterest via flikr; Top right: Lilac and peach wild flower bouquet via stylemepretty.co.uk; Bottom right: via Martha Stewart Weddings.

My own wedding flowers by Violets and Velvet. Image credit Annamarie Stepney

Again, my own fabulous wedding flowers (I know, I’m biased) by Violets and Velvet. Image credit: Annamarie Stepney.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the images!

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